“Now that’s a proper introduction.” – Arrival



Hey everyone, My name is Kalman and hopefully, I am the person who will make you ’dare to speak’ –in English.
As you can recognise from my accent I am not a native speaker but I am speaking in English. (Well, at least I’m trying to…:D)
I am Hungarian, I lisp, so I’m pretty sure you’ll believe me if I say that I had issues with speaking in English.
I remember when I first moved to England I was filled with fear, anxiety and I didn’t have much self-confidence either – Although I’d been studying English at school for more than 8 years.
I am saying this because, as a Hungarian, I know exactly how you feel about learning and speaking in English and that is why I am trying to help and perhaps I can make it easier for you.
I’ve never really understood why English is taught in our mother tongue, EVEN AFTER you gained a certain grammar knowledge and you built up a basic range of vocabulary, yet, they still do it. Even „modern”, online teachers on Facebook say: „I am going to teach you how to speak proper English” and then suddenly he or she starts to speak in Hungarian.
If you are lucky, then you can probably get some excellent advice on English speaking…
Anyway, it sounds a little self-contradictory. Doesn’t it?
Let me tell you a little secret: It’s not going to work.
You will never be able to speak in any foreign language unless you actually SPEAK it.
So here is my plan:
I am going to make a weekly, short video series in which I am going to talk about various movie plots. I am going to tell each story in a particular way (e.g. the whole movie will be told mostly in one tense or in passive voice etc…). Apparently, they might be far-fetched and exaggerated sometimes but with this, you can easily remember how and when to use the patterns.
There will be a written transcription, a grammar reference, vocabulary and exercises with answers for every lesson on my website.
I will try to make as many ENGLISH references on usage as possible in order to help your progress, BUT the Hungarian translation is going to be your job (Except in these first 3 introductory episodes in which you can choose Hungarian subtitles as well).
No one ever learnt a language only by reading information on the internet. You must WORK for it, you must put some EFFORT in it and you must STAY HUNGRY for knowledge. Language learning is a never-ending process.
Since I am not a native speaker and I am only human, I make mistakes too. Therefore, I’ll gladly accept any constructive criticism.
Before we start the actual lessons, I will give you some information about my whole English language learning method: why you should learn this way, and how you can do that.
For more information, please visit my website, and don’t forget to subscribe to my channel.
In the meantime, stay tuned, stay hungry and Dare to speak!