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“You are as many men as many languages you speak”



“You are as many men as many languages you speak”
I couldn’t agree more with this Slavic proverb.
In my interpretation, this not only means that you can learn a lot of things about different cultures but figuratively you will have two separate ‘personalities’.
For example, when I speak in English I have an ‘English personality’ and often I say things differently, or say things I wouldn’t say in Hungarian. And vice versa, when I speak in Hungarian I say a lot of things I wouldn’t OR couldn’t say in English at that moment. So, I firmly believe that language has a great influence on our thoughts.
Let me explain:
Imagine your brain has two separate boxes.
Got it?
In one box there is your native mindset, in the other box there is your English mindset.
Now… here comes the issue:
How do we learn?
At school, we were taught to use only one box. Then we took a word out of an English book, translated it and we put that particular word into the box.
Let me introduce you to my Hungarian box. – It basically works in any language just for the sake of simplicity, I’m going to demonstrate this with my mother tongue.-
Now, take the word ‘issue’ from our dictionary as an example. Here you can see the most common Hungarian meanings.
After we have learnt the meanings, we can place it into our Hungarian box. At least we can try but it doesn’t seem to fit in. Does it?
What happens when it doesn’t fit in?
NOTHING, just FORCE -IT -INTO -THAT -BOX! We have to learn it anyway…!
And the results? You will know hundreds of words by heart that’s for sure, but you will never be able to speak in English because you will still think in Hungarian.
The same applies when we turn this thing around and you try to force Hungarian words into your English box. – It’s not going to work.
So far, we have learnt a new English word: ISSUE.
Well done guys!
However, can you answer me if I ask you what ‘take issue with someone’ means, or what ‘capital issue’ means?
And surely, you can tell me when to use ‘date of issue’.
I cannot tell it “and don’t call me Shirley” – Airplane! Great movie (SORRY):D Anyway, back to topic.
Say hello to my English box.
As we discussed earlier, we have the word ISSUE BUT this time we have the English meanings, idioms and collocations for this word with usage and example sentences.
Wow, it can be useful, isn’t it?
Now, instead of forcing it into the Hungarian box, try placing it into our brand new, beautiful, shiny English box with all the meanings and stuff.
AWESOME! It fits in perfectly!
Now, you have actually learned something IN English… How and when they use it.
So congratulations, you’ve just started to THINK in English.
And please, please, try not to misunderstand me, it’s not magic, and it’s not the latest ‘secret study system’. I don’t have the answer for the ultimate question and this is definitely not another silly ’learn English in 3 days’ method either, so just forget this marketing crap. It is so sad and annoying when I see that the internet is filled with these sites and people still fall for them! There is no easy way. Language learning is NOT easy and if you really think that you’ll know English by the end of the week then I have some bad news…
I’m going to show you the way how I taught myself English. You can’t avoid diligence and hard work! You just CANNOT! And that is the bottom line.
Well…now you are probably asking yourself:
 ’ALL RIGHT clever clogs, then what the heck should I do?’
You will get the answer in the next episode…
In the meantime, stay tuned, stay hungry but the most important: Dare to speak!